Postdoc Seminar

Event Information Chern's curvatura integra: a valuation perspective
11:00 on Friday February 16, 2018
12:00 on Friday February 16, 2018
HU1018, 215 Huron St.
Dmitry Faifman

University of Toronto

The volume of an epsilon-tube around a submanifold in R^N is a polynomial in epsilon. The coefficients are intrinsic invariants of the submanifold - this is Weyl's tube theorem. I will explain Chern's (simultaneous) generalization of Gauss-Bonnet and Weyl's tube, and show how it fits into the theory of valuations on manifolds.

Time permitting, I will present a recent result of Fu-Wannerer characterizing the Lipschitz-Killing curvature measures.

The Postdocs Seminar is a series of informal talks by Postdoctoral fellows. The aim is to learn some basics about each others research areas and to get into contact.