Fields Institute Operator Algebra Seminar

Event Information Matrix product operator algebras, anyons and subfactors
14:10 on Tuesday November 12, 2019
17:00 on Tuesday November 12, 2019
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Yasuyuki Kawahigashi

The University of Tokyo

In a recent work of Bultinck-Mariena-Williamson-Sahinouglu-Haegemana-Verstraete in condensed matter physics, they use certain tensor networks and their tools and results look similar to combinatorial ones used in subfactor theory, as they themselves are aware. We give precise mathematical relations between their machinery and Ocneanu's flat connections for subfactors. An anyon is a generalized particle related to topological quantum computation, and it corresponds to an irreducible object of the Drinfeld center of a fusion category arising from a subfactor.

This talk will be held in FI332.