Geometry & Topology

Event Information An optimal transport formulation of the Einstein equations of general relativity
09:30 on Monday September 21, 2020
10:30 on Monday September 21, 2020
Andrea Mondino

University of Oxford

In the seminar I will present a recent work joint with S. Suhr (Bochum) giving an optimal transport formulation of the full Einstein equations of general relativity, linking the (Ricci) curvature of a space-time with the cosmological constant and the energy-momentum tensor. Such an optimal transport formulation is in terms of convexity/concavity properties of the Shannon-Bolzmann entropy along curves of probability measures extremizing suitable optimal transport costs. The result, together with independent work by McCann on lower bounds for Lorentzian Ricci Curvature, gives a new connection between general relativity and optimal transport; moreover it gives a mathematical reinforcement of the strong link between general relativity and thermodynamics/information theory that emerged in the physics literature of the last years.

The talk will be via Zoom at: passcode 507121

Please note the early time of the talk due to time difference with UK.