Fields Colloquium

Event Information Singularity formation for matter models in general relativity
14:10 on Wednesday June 19, 2019
15:00 on Wednesday June 19, 2019
Stewart Library, Fields Institute, 222 College St.
Annegret Burtscher
Radboud University, Nijmegen Netherlands

Singularities are a generic feature in general relativity. The Penrose singularity theorem relates the presence of a black hole to the existence of a closed trapped surface. In this talk we will describe how such trapped surfaces can form during evolution from initial data that do not already contain trapped surfaces. We focus on the case of spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations describing a compressible fluid commonly used to model stellar structures in astrophysics. The initial data constructed to observe such trapping phenomena are static solutions with certain admissible large localized perturbations. This is partly joint work with P. LeFloch and L. Andersson.