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Event Information Tau-functions à la Dubédat and probabilities of cylindrical events for double-dimers and CLE(4)
13:00 on Friday November 15, 2019
14:00 on Friday November 15, 2019
HU1018, 215 Huron St.
Dmitry Chelkak

École Normale Supérieure (Paris)

Building upon recent results of Dubédat on the convergence of topological correlators in the double-dimer model to isomonodronic tau-functions, we discuss the convergence of probabilities of cylindrical events. Though our motivation comes from 2D statistical mechanics and probability, the proofs are of a purely analytic nature. The key techniques are the analysis of entire functions on SL(2) representations of the fundamental group of the punctured domain and on the (non-smooth) subvariety of locally unipotent representations. Based on a joint work arXiv:1809.00690 with Mikhail Basok (St.Petersburg).