Dynamics Seminar

Event Information Simple choreography solutions in the Newtonian N-body Problem
15:10 on Monday October 26, 2015
16:00 on Monday October 26, 2015
BA6183, Bahen Center, 40 St. George St.
Guowei Yu

University of Toronto

In N-body problem, a simple choreography solution is a periodic solution in which all the masses chase each other on a single loop. The most famous solution of this kind is the Figure-Eight solution found by Chenciner and Montgomery in 2000.

In this talk we will show for the Newtonian N-body problem, $N >= 3$, with equal masses, there are at least $2^{N-3} + 2^{[(N-3)/2]}$ different main simple choreography solutions. As a result this confirms a conjecture given by Chenciner and etc. in 2002.